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I believe that no one else can tell your business story like you. Ready to authentically show up through your online presence to attract dream clients?

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Hi I’m Jess!
I teach online business owners and marketing teams to adopt an intentional digital, social and content strategy to authentically attract dream clients with ease.

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I believe you can organically grow your digital presence. I believe in attracting dream clients by authentically showing up as you. I believe even the most tech challenged can successfully manage their online marketing. I believe in teaching and empowering business owners so you don't have to hire beyond in house, because no one can tell your passion and that story like you. 

You have tried all the things to keep up with the online marketing world to grow your business. Maybe you even hired or outsourced only to find that you are still at square one without the results you were looking for and you are over it.

Ready to become your own savvy
online marketer?!

hi I'm JESS! FOUNDER AND your online educator

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Sweet Words from clients

HEAR FROM the socially savvy crew


I consider myself somewhat on top of things when running my business and have a pretty clear vision of the things I want my company to accomplish. One of those things that I have struggled with over the years is how to handle our social media the right way.  I felt that our online presence was not getting the attention it deserved. This course has taught me so much about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & our website. Our social media handles have gotten more interaction than ever, which ends up turning into more business for us.  I can't recommend Jess enough, she's amazing and I'm so sad that my time with her is over:(  Jess is a world of knowledge with a kind demeanor and always keeping on top of changes that the world wide web throws at us! Do yourself a favor and reach out to her, I promise it will be well worth your time and money. 


"Jessica changed my entire business. I have been in business for 8 years and for 8 years I was just winging it with hashtags, marketing, and website SEO.  I took her 8 week course, and within those 8 weeks, I learned SO much. I could not believe I didn't have this knowledge beforehand.  I start in January and it is now 8 months later. Within those 8 months my IG following has increased almost by 1K. My website is on the first page on google, I think it was like page 23 before. Not only did she increase these stats, but she also helped me dig deep into my creative soul to figure out smart and helpful marketing tatics. I am more confident on what I post and preplan everything so I am not glued to my phone all day every day.  f you invest in yourself the return will be so quick. She is unbelievable and will give you all the tools to change your business and your marketing strategy. "

-lisa nightingale events // Image  by love is evergreen

"Jess is the best investment I have made in my business from my gorgeous new site to her work on SEO, Pinterest and so much more! If you're thinking of having her work with you, do it! She's worth every penny!!"

- Sweet BLossoms // image by Stephanie Dee Photography 

"I really want to thank you again for this class. While it wasn't my initial goal, I have really learned a lot about what I want my voice to be, and I think I am as passionate about telling people about the environmental impact of flowers and the wedding industry in general as I am about the actual floral decorations. I took learning about how to do social media properly for me to get that!"

- Stacy k floral // image by tammy swales

"Jess has a heart of gold and cares so deeply about the success of her clients.  Both being moms and business owners it has been a joy to grow our business side by side.  She's not just our social media maven she is my friend and I am ever so grateful for her help in getting my business to where it is today. "

- olivias bridal house // Image by Swish and Click Photography 

"Working with Jess has been such a wonderful experience for our business and the increased engagement we’ve seen is amazing. Not only has Jess been instrumental in ensuring that our social media is aesthetically pleasing, she’s done it while always speaking to our ideal client. Thank you for helping us Honor Curves!"

- forks & fingers catering // Image by corey lynn tucker photography

"Jess has helped transform our social media platforms and website from mere images to true branding pages.  Social media is such a vital part of today’s business where image is everything.  With the curated content, we have seen a dramatic increase in calls solely from social media.  We don’t hesitate to recommend Jess to everyone in need of online assistance."

- chris weinberg events // Image by Jose Graterol Designs

"We have been working with Jess to develop and grow our online presence. In this time, we have more than doubled our followers, organically. Our IG page is noticed and recognized by leaders in our industry for its effective portrayal of our brand and the services we provide to our clients. We actually now attract prospective clients from our social media and could not do so without a thoughtful social media process that Jess created for us."

- the rustic barn ct 

"After signing on with several marketing companies over the course of a year, lots of time and energy and thousands of dollars later we still were not much further along in reaching any of our goals in this area.  Steve and I were so discouraged until we were introduced to Jessica!  All I can say is ......"What a breath of fresh air"!!!  We both knew after meeting Jess that she was the perfect fit for our business!  Steve and I could not be happier with our decision to work with her, she is truly an asset to our business.  We have recommended Jess to others in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  Thank you Jess for everything!"

- dr kim emotional wellness coach

"Jess is absolutely amazing!!! She has taught me so much and with huge amounts of patience. I am so grateful for her. It’s hard to convey the relief I feel every time I have a marketing question or tech problem and she is there willing to help me solve it. "

- the fete loft 

"Thank you for providing such a thorough program where we walked through all of my social media accounts, strategy, analytics and so much more. I was so resistant to try and manage my own social media (because time) but I’ve walked away feeling confident that I can manage it moving forward, reminded me the importance of investing back into my business and more importantly it invigorated my love and drive to be an entrepreneur in a super saturated industry and market!"

- strength for healing // Image by amy etra photography

"I was struggling with social media and wasting money with social media marketing companies. I knew I had a lot to say but was intimidated by the thought of doing all my own social media postings. Not being very "tech savvy" I feared it would be too hard. I am so grateful to you, Jess! And best of all, people are noticing the difference in my posts. They hear my voice and I am building a relationship with my followers. You have totally changed my outlook on social media! "

- roberta life coach // Image by abigail scott photography

"I knew I had a lot to learn about social media, but believe me I had no idea what that meant! Jess makes it all relatable and is there with support when I don’t get something right on the first try. Jess you are an extraordinary teacher and that is coming from someone who taught for 33 years"

- dana bartone // Image by greg lewis photography

"I don't know where I would be without Jess! Jess has been instrumental in not only creating our website and social media presence but also keeping us on the cutting edge and so relevant amongst our platforms. Her customer service has been nothing but excellent with regards to promptness and being proactive. It feels personal and that she know us, knows what we need and knows how to achieve our online marketing goals. I am a client for life!!"

- CAkes by Carol brooklyn // Shamemories photography⠀

"I really and truly wanted to take a moment and thank you so much for your services. I needed that class to revive a business I know that God has prepared us for. Thank you for the encouragement and the tools needed to jumpstart our business again. You are an inspiration to womenpreneurs all over! We are truly appreciative for you and your expertise. Thank you! "

- CHRIS BRANDELL // lindsay hite photography

"I’ve been working with Jess for more than 5 years (through 3 platform changes I chose to make) and can honestly say I will never release a new website without her engagement. Over that time, she has taken me from a novice who couldn’t even spell “SEO” to an expert who developed and released my latest Squarespace site entirely on my own. She is completely committed to her client’s success and provides terrific recommendations, guidance and tutorials. I can’t believe what I’ve learned and how wonderful it is to have her support. She is super delightful, easy to work with and kind and caring. Trust me, whether you are a novice or an expert, you cannot go wrong with Jess’ help with your web projects."

- catherine violet hubbard animal sanctuary

"This program and working together...I can't say enough! I leave every session with my head spinning with ideas and things I want to implement for our marketing. Somehow you are able to break tech heavy info down into simple language and easy to use tools. My favorite part though is your patience. I never feel like I'm floating out to sea're right there guiding the ship the whole time. I honestly can't thank you enough. Our social media and marketing wouldn't be where it is today if it wasn't for you. "

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