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2022 In Review

Thank you 2022 for all the learnings.

This year brought in:
30 new web design clients
15 website updates and refreshes for current clients
20 Socially Savvy Students who graduated from Socially Savvy school
10 1:1 Social media coaching clients
3 retainer clients for on going social media coaching

Most of all countless new friendships that entrusted me to help them shine online and the amazing community that I found in the online space.

I am proud of you, I am proud of us. We made it through another year and as business owners we are still here pursing the dream.

In 2022 I found myself doing a lot of inner work. I started my second year living sober and throughout the year always working towards protecting my peace. That meant learning to set boundaries and saying no to what no longer serves me.

My 2022 word of the year was ease. Even the toughest of days – I focused on doing them with ease. I let myself feel the feels and letting things just be. The ebbs and flows of this year were hard.

This inner work brought a lot of mental and emotional exhaustion. It was really hard for me to show up social media and I felt more burnout then ever there. The constant negativity, comparison, and highlight glimpses took me away from my mission that social good is possible.

But it empowered me to grow the web design side of Socially Savvy Studio in ways I never imagined. I found myself putting all my creative energy into web design and was so happy being in my element and doing the creative work I love behind the scenes.

Which brings me to my word of the year for 2023 – Abundance.

This year is for doing less of what drains me and attracting more. More travel, more time spent with the ones I love, more rest, more unplugged time and continuing to work with dream clients, do the work I love and call in all that abundance.

In 2023 my mission is to empower wedding pros and creatives to also call in that abundance with a social media strategy that not only feels good but brings in dream clients and abundantly beautiful designed websites.

In 2023 I will do the things I love more often, let go of what drains me, I will get uncomfortable and know that I have to step out of my comfort zones, where my attention goes, my energy flows, I am going to keep on working on my mindset, because it’s the thing that has changed my life.

Do you have a word of the year? What will be your focus be in 2023?

By the way, there are no rules. Your word might change a few months in or half way through the year. I started doing a word of the year and ditched the resolutions back in 2019.

I have loved this process. It brings clarity and focus for deciding what you want more of for both life and business in a new year.

Cheers to you 2022! Here is to a 2023 full of abundance!

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