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As a creative entrepreneur or wedding business owner, it’s easy to get lost in the online marketing world never knowing which scheduler to use (maybe you don’t even use one at all), what platform is best for email marketing, what social media channels should you be on, is blogging still really a thing? Or maybe your wondering what the heck is SEO? No it’s not Sexy Entrepreneur Operations, my favorite response to date to that question.

You have tried all the things to keep up with the online marketing world to grow your business. Maybe you even hired or outsourced only to find that you are still at square one without the results you were looking for and you are over it.

You hear that? That is the sound of cheering you on, of having your very own marketing team, teacher, and accountability partner.

Welcome to Socially Savvy Studio.

I'm Jess! 


I empower creative entrepreneurs and wedding pros


For 8 years I was a social media manager for creatives and wedding pros. Something was missing. It was their voice. In a world of perfect squares, of pursuing pretty and darlings, perfection is out, authenticity is finally in. 
I rolled up my sleeves, on a mission to help teach business owners how to successfully manage their own social media. On that path I discovered the struggle is real when it comes to online marketing and goes far beyond just social media. 

I help you grow your business with a strategic marketing plan tailored specifically to your business, so you don’t have to keep spinning your wheels or spending money outsourcing when no one can tell your story like you.  

I am an enneagram 8 with a dash of 7, both a challenger and enthusiast. I have always been a half glass full girl. I grew up over seas, born in Ecuador, living in Belgium, and making my way to the USA in 1998. I come from a first generation of Ecuadorian immigrants. Connecticut has been home since. 

I have been working for as long as I can remember. In high school, I worked at an art gallery, boutique, restaurant and babysat for three boys. I remember the satisfaction of always making my own money, and there was just something about the hustle that I craved. I always knew I would be an entrepreneur. 

While working full time I started a blog called Destination Inspirations while planning by destination wedding at a time when having a blog was not a thing yet. I started to build relationships with some amazing wedding vendors, who eventually asked if I would blog for them. 

In 2011 I left corporate America. I wanted the freedom to work from anywhere. I didn’t know how, but I was determined to make it happen. In 30 days I went on to have 10 clients. My business evolved quickly.

Are you still with me? I promise I am getting to the good stuff. 

Than in June of 2019 I hired my first business coach (Shout out to the amazing Amy of Social Cactus Coaching). I was tired, so tired. I was working nights and weekends. You could always find me on my laptop on vacations. I cringe to tell you this part, I opened up my laptop and worked 30 minutes after giving birth to my twins. Mom life and work life led to some serious burnout.

I had hit the ultimate wall. I didn’t know success without hustle. I quickly realized that I was a workaholic. My purpose though never changed, I wanted to make an impact while also making an income. 

My Beginning

I also realized there was one area that never suffered. My clients. Above all measure I loved crafting their social media posts, email marketing, blogs, web design, and the relationships I built. The light bulb moment, what if I could help teach them how to manage their own online marketing? Because the piece that was still missing was their own voice.

I feel so passionate about helping creatives and wedding pros learn how to streamline, so they can save money, time, and show up with their words. No one knows your business and your dream clients better than anyone else.

Let’s pour a favorite beverage and get that story told.

Mama to boy/girl twins and the sassiest baby girl. Sugar and spice and everything nice with these three.

party of 3


I married my best friend in Playa del Carmen Mexico in 2010. We went to high school together and after many years of being friends we became more.  I am one lucky girl.

est 2010

my other half

Our rescue pup and I mean look at the face?  Also dog mom to two beloved french bull dogs in heaven, Boomer and Angus. 



my tribe

All the online marketing tips and tricks, plus bringing (dare I say) the sexy back with some fun to online education. 

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