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Best Social Media Schedulers

The best social media schedulers first and foremost are facebook and instagram approved. The biggest myth I hear is that schedulers will lower your reach. If they are facebook and instagram approved you have nothing to worry about.

If you love to save time, you are going to love scheduling your social media. Gone will be the days of sitting there when you are not in the mood, not feeling creative or motivated and so you just don’t post. Scheduling is what will get you consistent so you can be posting at the best times and increasing your reach.

I was a social media manager for wedding pros and creatives for 8 years and let me tell you I was forever in pursuit of trying to find the best social media schedulers. Finally, I found the one based on price and features.

Enter Later, my favorite paid social media scheduler! From the analytics, it’s user friendly layout and no shortage of other features, it is a total winner.

My second choice is Facebook’s very own scheduler which is free, Creator Studio. It is limited, but a great place to start and since it is created by Facebook who also owns Instagram you know it can’t get any more approved than that.

While consistency is the goal because that get’s you results, the other wonderful feature of working with a scheduler is the ability to schedule and recycle content across multiple platforms. It is a no-brainer for saving time.

Want to get an inside look into how to use Later and Creator Studio to save you time and money, plus bringing back the fun in creating your social media content?

I am going to take away the learning curve for you so you can get to scheduling and getting that time back in your business, plus I have lot’s of tips and tricks.  Click here and join me for my online workshop, Social Media Scheduling 101!



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