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I am celebrating 10 years as an entrepreneur today! Ten years ago on October 1st I registered as a business owner.   I was consumed with fear and this unwilling determination to build a life of my dreams and have the freedom to work from anywhere.   Newly married, our first mortgage, a shit ton […]

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This question has been at top of mind after one of my web design clients received a law suit last week because their Shopify website was not ADA compliant. ⁠ ⁠ This means that your website text, images, navigation, and any tools on the site need to be accessible for those with disabilities. ⁠ ⁠ […]

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The best social media schedulers first and foremost are facebook and instagram approved. The biggest myth I hear is that schedulers will lower your reach. If they are facebook and instagram approved you have nothing to worry about. If you love to save time, you are going to love scheduling your social media. Gone will […]

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Goodbye 2020 – hello 2021! 🙌 🎉⁠ Here are my the business lessons I learned in 2020: 1. A successful morning routine can take many forms and it does not need to be at 5am. 2. Belief and mindset work are a must for success. 3. Never stop investing in yourself and your business, it […]

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Set intentions to grow your business by getting them written down. I know the power of pen to paper to set these intentions, but I hate my hand writing 😉 Setting intentions, my vision board, goal setting and manifesting all happen digitally for me on a private Pinterest board and Trello. This is a practice […]

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I have something super exciting to share! My best business resources marketing list! I put together a list of 22 of my favorite business tools and systems that I use on the daily. Nine year’s of being in business and a whole lot of trial and error led me to creating this list just for […]

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1) Don’t worry about being perfect Keep it short and sweet to keep you audience’s attention. This is a behind the scenes look into who you are and who you serve. 2) Keep it real in real time Just show up as you. That is the best part! Your feed is for all the curated […]

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Which website builder is best for your wedding business or if you are a creative entrepreneur? I am breaking it all down for you. As a wedding business owner or creative business, having a website is essential. It is another way for you to show up and get those dream clients. It is where they […]

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#communityovercompetition always. 😍⁠ ⁠ Spending the time engaging on instagram will not only help your dream clients find you, it will also help you find your tribe. ⁠ ⁠ Have you heard, engage 30 minutes before a post, 30 minutes after, comment on 100 accounts a day, respond to 50 stories, respond to DMs and […]

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Want social media success for your wedding business? It doesn’t happen overnight, it happens with consistency. Schedule time for your social media Just like working out, sending proposals, paying bills, having meetings, you block out times in your schedule to make it all happen. Social media is the same. Pick a time and day for […]

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