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Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Let’s get this Pinterest party started!

1) Make sure your page is converted to a business pinterest page and get rid of all your personal boards.

2) Optimize your business name to include those wedding specific keywords.

3) Your profile description should include where you are located, who you serve and how do you help them.

4) For your profile image, use a beautiful hi-res image of you or a logo if you are a company/brand.

5) Create a minimum of 10 boards and make sure to optimize each one with specific keywords that your dream clients would use to find you for both the name of the board and the descriptions. Choose the right category for each board, example wedding or photography.

6) Use keywords everywhere! I can’t say this one enough. Search for the most popular keywords that your ideal clients will be using and put them in your profile, board names, board descriptions, pins and pin descriptions.

7) You need to keep your pin content fresh, so don’t keep repining the same blog post over and over. Which is why this is a no brainer for you wedding pros and creative entrepreneurs, get those beautiful images up on your sites and pin away.

8) It is wonderful to send ideal clients to check out your work, but don’t forget to also include pins with calls to action like your inquiry form or to book a call with you. Make sure you send them somewhere they can convert and book you.

9) Streamline by using a pinterest scheduler, it will save you so much time.

Recap: Use keywords everywhere, pin fresh content frequently, the saves, the clicks and traffic will then start. Keep in mind like all things social media, good things take time. If you remain consistent, pin fresh and relevant content, you will get the results which = booking more dream clients.

Tired of trying to figure it all out yourself, that is what I am here for! Drop me a note if you are interested in a social media audit, jess@sociallysavvystudio.com




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