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How To Increase Instagram Engagement

#communityovercompetition always. 😍⁠

Spending the time engaging on instagram will not only help your dream clients find you, it will also help you find your tribe. ⁠

Have you heard, engage 30 minutes before a post, 30 minutes after, comment on 100 accounts a day, respond to 50 stories, respond to DMs and comments immediately, the list goes on….⁠

I don’t know about you but this method makes me feel instant #socialmediaoverwhelm⁠

I am HUGE on doing what you feel aligned with and works for you, because consistency and quality over quantity always. ⁠

This applies to engagement too.⁠

Here is my method and the one I teach my clients too: 👇⁠

1. Set aside dedicated times to reply to all comments and DMs. I schedule these times in my calendar and I use the inbox feature in Creator Studio⁠ to sit and reply to all comments. This way I don’t go down the feed rabbit hole and I can respond to comments and messages on both Facebook and Insta.⁠

2. Engage on stories⁠
I like to search for niche related hashtags of my ideal clients and look to make new connections. If their story resonates I respond with a genuine comment. No hey girl hows your marketing going right off the bat. I also keep a Trello board of industry friends and all my clients to check in on their stories too.⁠

3. Comment on 20 posts daily⁠
My favorite method to date is from The Six Figure Chick, 5 posts on your feed, 5 on your explore page, 5 from your followers, and 5 on wedding industry or creative related hashtag or (think what your ideal client searches for) other accounts that are in your industry where your dream client hangs out too. Note* Don’t just leave a heart emoji. Leave an actual comment.⁠

4. Tags and Story mentions ⁠
Don’t forget to leave a comment on those tagged posts and ⁠reply to story mentions.

5. Set aside dedicated time for all the above
I set aside an hour a day for engagement and three times a day to respond to comments and DMs. I will be honest that hour does not always happen. If you only have 30 minutes, totally fine. Do what works best for you and your wedding business or creative business. Part of my future goal is to outsource this part to a VA.

Tell me how you feel about engagement, is a time suck, overwhelming, do you love it? 😉 My digital doors are always open. Click here if you want to chat engagement and send me a DM.


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