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Overcome Social Media Overwhelm

Here is the first step to overcoming social media overwhelm, time to stop winging it and get a solid social media strategy. Doing it all on the fly is a fast track to overwhelm and it should be no surprise that it makes doing your social media anything but fun.

Good things take time, this could not be more true for your social media. The key is consistency. A strategy will make sure on days where you just don’t know what to write, you’re heading out the door and just don’t have the time, or you just are not in the mood, that your social media is on auto pilot and attracting those dream clients to grow your wedding business.

Here are my 5 tips to get you started on saying goodbye to social media overwhelm!

1) A scheduler is key
Save time and your mental health, trust me schedule your posts in advance. No more sitting there wondering what you are going to say and feeling the pressure to post. Decide a schedule that works for you, weekly or monthly planning. Pick a time and time block that time. 

2) Turn off your notifications
Trust me, turn those notifications off. They can get super distracting and lead you to getting side tracked. Instead focus on setting aside set times to check back in.

3) Streamline your time to engage and comment
Set aside 30 minutes a day to respond to comments and then engage. This will save you so much time instead of randomly checking in all the time, which often leads you down a rabbit hole and spending more time on something that is not helping you tackle engaging and responding to comments.

4) Change your Social Media Mindset
If you keep telling yourself how much you hate social media, this is going to forever be overwhelming. You need to change your social media mindset. Remind yourself why are you passionate about what you do and how you use social media to grow your wedding business.

5) Be intentional and consistent
Storytelling and authenticity are key. Stay consistent, plan ahead, be intentional, and show up as the authentic you.

The key to your social media success and not getting overwhelmed really comes down to strategy and planning ahead.




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