You are passionate about what you do and you are wondering - why is it so hard to (insert your online marketing struggle)?!

First we need to send those limiting beliefs on their way, you are not a tech dino, you are not a terrible writer, and together we can tackle any online marketing struggle together.

On this 60-90-minute Zoom call, I’ll learn more about your struggle – and teach you how to tackle it.

After the call, I’ll send you action steps and you get 30 days of unlimited email support. AKA your accountability partner and very own back pocket marketing teacher to make sure you are socially savvy and your struggle is a thing of the past!

Power Hour

To Get you Savvy!


Topics that other wedding and creative business owners have Power Hour'd through with me:

Using Creator Studio + the scheduler Later
Creating a social media strategy 
Content planning and a content strategy
Using FloDesk for your e-mail marketing
Creating an email welcome sequence in FloDesk to nurture your leads
Using Lightroom and finding the right preset so you can take professional images with your iphone
Reels, how to create them and a strategy to incorporate them 
Pinterest, how to properly name your boards, pins and schedule them
SEO, how to do keyword research and re-name your images properly on your website 


What The Savvy Crew Is Saying

Wedding Business + Creative business owners

Melissa Mayo

FOODNETWORK CHEF + Author | California

- melissa Mayo

I don’t even know where to begin when telling you about all the wonderful things that Jess has helped with. I started off my journey migrating my WordPress blog with hundreds of posts to a Showit website. And before I knew it, she was helping me with every single aspect of my business. She is a wiz of all things technical and familiar with WordPress, Shopify, Showit, Kaljabi, MailChimp, Dropbox, Typeform, Zoom, Facebook Groups, Teachable, Twitter, Instagram and so much more.

Together we took a small little idea I had for a program and turned it into something epic. She offered advice on the copy and helped marry my words and images to create the most gorgeous sales page ever and an offer my clients could not resist. During the launch we ran into a snag with Flodesk so we couldn’t send out an email sequence. The wheels came off and I had a full tilt melt down. I wanted to throw in the towel and quit. And my calm levelheaded fairy Godmother talked me off the ledge. This tireless tech guru put on her pom poms and managed to keep me sane and calm. While hosting her own workshops, She sent countless emails and she stayed on top of everything so I could finish the content.

I bring this up because it’s not always easy and pretty working as a solo entrepreneur without a team. And you are always scared of adding someone you have to train. But Jess was the teacher. And she treated my launch as if it were her own. A company with a huge team did not get back to us for days but this mom of 3 young kids, without any staff, responded round the clock and had my back. I like to joke that she’s SUPER WOMAN. But it really is the truth.

She is the most easy going, compassionate, generous, hardworking, dedicated and knowledgeable soul and a true team player that’s great under pressure. Working with her is a breeze. I felt supported the entire time. She kept reminding me I was going to be helping so many people with my course. And we had the most epic successful launch despite all the hiccups cause she stayed on top of all the moving parts.

I’m looking so forward to having her set up my course on Teachable. I also can’t wait to finish up the website for my gorgeous Italian cooking retreats and work with her on many more future projects.

If you are thinking about hiring Jess, don’t hesitate. She is gold. A huge asset to any entrepreneur whether you have a team of one of 100. Take it from me. She is the best at what she does. And she is someone I am blessed to call my friend. You rock mamma. I love you so much Jess. Grazie mille for just being you.

Nightingale Wedding & Events

Wedding + event planner | new england

- lisa | image by love is evergreen

"Jess is the best investment I have made in my business from my gorgeous new site to her work on SEO, Pinterest and so much more! If you're thinking of having her work with you, do it! She's worth every penny!!"

Holly Sigafoos Photography

wedding + portrait photographer | southern california

- Holly | Image by sarah block photo

"When I first began working with Jess I had no clear idea what to do with social media. I had been just posting when I felt up to it. I had no clear vision of what to say or who I was talking to. She took the time to break down a social media strategy for me and helped me fine tune it along the way. Prior to working with Jess I would spend hours finding the right photo to post and what to say. Half of the time I wouldn’t end up posting due to never coming up with a plan. After working with Jess I now can confidently show up on my social media consistently. I am no longer spending an hour on a single post! Jess doesn’t just guide you, she cheers you on along the way!"

Jen Terra Travels

luxury travel advisor | Connecticut 

- jen | image by julia dags

"I am a creative entrepreneur and solo business owner, but I'm no marketing genius. Jess has prevented me from banging my head against the wall, saved me gobs of time, helped hone my marketing strategy and given me the tools to flourish without her⁠."

Stacy K Floral

wedding + gifts floral studio | rochester New York

- stacy | image by tammy swales

"Jess has a heart of gold and cares so deeply about the success of her clients. Both being moms and business owners it has been a joy to grow our business side by side. She's not just our social media maven she is my friend and I am ever so grateful for her help in getting my business to where it is today. "

Charles Firlotte

leadership consultant former ceo | Connecticut 


"I have worked with Jess and her team for the past three years, first in my capacity as CEO of Aquarion Company and more recently as a management consultant. Her unique talent is her ability to capture the essence of your business and to help you present your services in a manner that is compelling and sophisticated, drawing the attention of the masses. As an online educator she is patient, knowledgeable and a delight to work with . Two thumbs up!!"

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