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Social Media Advertising Don’t Boost Posts

Full disclosure, I am not a social media advertising expert. I do however have over a decade experience of trial and error using Facebook and Instagram ads both for myself and several clients. Does running ads on Facebook and Instagram scare you?  Me too.

The new ads platform got overly complicated with every update and if you don’t spend your time testing to see what works first, you could be out hundreds and even thousands of dollars on an ad spend that isn’t working.

To try and simplify, Facebook released the ability to boost a post without ever having to leave your page. The same can now be done on instagram. Speaking of throwing away money, don’t boost a post. I repeat, it is a total waste of your money.

I see so many business owners and social media managers boosting posts because I know Facebook does not clarify that while it gets your message in front of your audience, it is not the audience you want to get in front of.

When you boost a post Facebook will always choose the objective of getting more post engagement (more likes, shares and comments). This means more engagement to that post yes but not more link clicks. You will end up seeing that post getting a ton of likes but that is where the traffic stops.

The targeting choices are super limited. The ads manager has more superior tools for you to utilize to reach ideal clients that will convert. This is how you will get the most out of your paid social media budget.

Don’t boost Facebook posts and don’t boost Instagram posts, k?



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