Social Media Coaching Programs

This is a bespoke program

customized and tailored specifically to your wedding business

An 8 week or 12 week social media coaching program for wedding and event industry pros who want to attract their dream clients, have a more profitable business, save time, and take the frustration out of managing their social media. Time to work smarter, not harder!

Curated just for you

A few common topics that are covered over my 8 or 12 week social media coaching program are, how to use a scheduler to take the stress out of planning your content, I create a strategy for your hashtags, feeds and stories, how to streamline responding to comments, engaging with your target audience, optimizing your websites SEO (search engine optimization) how to use editing tools to create beautiful consistent content with your iphone, using canva for graphics, and everything you need to successfully manage your wedding businesses social media. The difference between the 8 and 12 weeks varies on what your business needs. When we jump on a call together at that time I will help you determine the best program for you.

Bespoke Program

One size does not fit all when it comes to social media. Your wedding business is unique and so should your social media strategy. Together we’ll work to create a social media plan that works seamlessly for you and your schedule, so your business can grow on autopilot.

Face to Face On Zoom

We will have a weekly 60 minute call over Zoom where together we are going to put into action everything you need to successfully grow your social media.

Resource List

Content management systems, schedulers, analytics, and every resource you will need to save time!

Stress Free

All about the accountability so from start to finish you will have a successful, stress-free strategy and you won’t spend half an hour wondering what hashtags to use. We will work on weekly homework together and I will support you every step of the way.

Trainings For A Lifetime

In case you want to pass on all the knowledge and goodness to your in house marketing person or manager, all call’s are video recorded and added to Dropbox so you will have them forrreeevvverr! As well as a Trello board branded to you and your business with everything you need, including your new content calendar, strategies and more.

Tax Write Off

That’s right, this program goes under education and is a business write off! It’s a win, win!

I can’t wait to hear from you!