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Social media content planning, do I hear le sighs coming from you? Trust me, I know exactly where you are coming from.

You don’t know what to write so you don’t post, you spend more time then you will ever admit just writing one social media post and then you buy some plug and play templates but you’re still not seeing results.

Your suffering from posting paralysis. Good news, there is a cure!

Here is the thing, when you organize your content ideas and plan your social media content with intention, you naturally start to share your zone of genius and that my internet friends is what calls in dream clients.

And don’t even tell me your not a good writer, k? Because I have worked with hundreds of business owners who tell me the same thing, and after we worked together they are now writing away!

So let’s affirm together, here and now, that you will plan and schedule your content for optimal engagement while always keeping your dream clients at top of mind. Deal?

Where to begin with all this social media content planning so we can cure away the ‘ I don’t know what to write blues’? Get a plan in place.

I have a weekly CEO Day, mine lands on a Monday and I set aside two hours to plan my content for the week. I know some bad asses out there who plan two weeks or even a month at a time, those peeps deserve a trophy, for real. This girl, can’t go beyond a week. My brain turns into mush and I can no longer write after those two hours.

This is also why a social media scheduler is so essential (see this blog post here), you can plan your content right in there and save so much time. It’s a winning method trust me.

Then this magic starts to happen, you will get in the rhythm of planning your content each month and believe me, it will start to take less time.

Suddenly your brain will start to crank out new creative ideas and there will be a certain flow that happens which means you create more value without the posting stress.

You know that feeling that you need to hurry your butt up and get a post out because it’s been over ten days and you can’t think of anything but I suck thoughts? That is the old you now.

You are going to create your own social media content planning CEO day and make it FUN. A no stress zone with whatever floats your boat, candles, The Notorious B.I.G playlist, and bowls of snacks white creating content your audience is going to loovveeee. I just gave you a behind the scenes to my day, you pick your fun zone items.

I can’t wait to see you content plan like the savvy business owner and entrepreneur I know you are!

And if you are still have some type of trepidation of how the heck to make this happen, click here and join me in my monthly live content planning workshop over on Zoom. It’s a good one, you will have zero regrets.

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