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Learn how to use Instagram and Facebook to grow your business with an engaged community and dream clients, the non-overwhelming, stress- free way.

Instagram & Facebook for  Business

If you are tired of being spread so thin and spending so much time looking for trending audios while posting for a week then not having time for another 7-10 business days. Let's get you off that hamster wheel. 

It's never been about the likes, number of views or followers. No more listening to the "Gurus" who have entire teams managing their social media and can't practice what they preach. 

I already know I want in!

Class 1

  • How to content plan
  • Visually Content Plan + Strategy
  • Content Plan in Google Calendar
  • Content Plan in Trello
  • Re-purposing Content on other channels
  • BONUS National Day’s Calendar on Google + Canva template for visual planning

Content Planning & Re-purposing Content 

No more posting and ghosting, or getting posting paralysis, never knowing what to say so you don't post. First you need a plan for those posts and behind that plan a solid strategy. In this class you will find your minimum, with the time and resources you have, how many posts are realistic for you. Consistency over quantity is the focus here.

Class 2

  • Create your social media strategy
  • Scheduling to FB + IG with Meta Business Suite
  • Analytics to see what is working and keeping track

Scheduling to IG & FB

Trust me when I tell you the free Meta Business Suite scheduler will be a game changer. And no I am not talking about sitting and scheduling months worth of content (unless you want to). This is the secret sauce to creating a social media strategy that works and where less time can be spent on social media, more time doing what you love.

Class 3

  • Let’s chat hashtags
  • Instagram Hashtag Strategy
  • Facebook Hashtag Strategy
  • BONUS Hashtags on TikTok & LinkedIn

creating a hashtag strategy

To use 5 hashtags or not? In stories or no? Hashtags don't have to be a mystery. They help with your over all reach and I have a proven strategy for wedding pros and creative small businesses that will help dream clients find you. 

Class 4

  •  All about engagement for growth
  • Engaging on Instagram
  • Engaging on Facebook
  • Using the inbox in Meta Business Suite to streamline your engagement and save you time
  • BONUS Engaging on LinkedIn

Engagement & Community Management

You get your strategy in place, your posting consistently and having fun, now it's time to add in engagement. This is the key to growing your online community with dream clients. 

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read the reviews from past students

My marketing team and I signed up for Socially Savvy's tailored, marketing course. Before working with Jessica, I was so overwhelmed with trying to manage everything online socially. Aside from the incredible amount of learning, she helped my marketing team become organized and execute their time more efficiently. I loved her class so much that I invested in an additional course for my Anne Barge and Blue Willow bride retailers to sign up for. It was the best investment that I made during COVID!


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read the reviews from past students

Jessica changed my entire business. I have been in business for 8 years and for 8 years I was just winging it with hashtags, marketing, and website SEO. I am more confident on what I post and pre-plan everything so I am not glued to my phone all day every day. If you invest in yourself the return will be so quick. She is unbelievable and will give you all the tools to change your business and your marketing strategy. 


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read the reviews from past students

I am certain that if I hadn't worked with Jess on my social media marketing my head would still be spinning in overwhelm! Jess really helped me focus on where I needed to be in the space and how I was going to execute a solid strategy. I was beyond inundated with all things social media and luckily met Jess at the perfect time. Jess completely turned around my marketing approach through socials, email marketing, SEO and Pinterest. I now have leads finding me through Google, followers turning into fans that are engaged with my content on Instagram and converting to customers and have even had several videos on Pinterest go viral.


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read the reviews from past students

As a busy entrepreneur there is always a mile long list of to do’s and social media was part of the overwhelm that I experienced. Jess was instrumental in teaching me to effectively use the various resources and tools available that would help grow my business on social media. Her patience and knowledge is invaluable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.


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read the reviews from past students

This course has taught me so much about Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & our website. Our social media handles have gotten more interaction than ever, which ends up turning into more business for us. I can't recommend Jess enough, she's amazing. Jess is a world of knowledge with a kind demeanor and always keeping on top of changes that the world wide web throws at us! Do yourself a favor and work with her, I promise it will be well worth your time and money. 


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read the reviews from past students

I am a creative entrepreneur and solo business owner, but I'm no marketing genius. Jess has prevented me from banging my head against the wall, saved me gobs of time, helped hone my marketing strategy and given me the tools to flourish and grow my business.


As long as you are a student, you will stay in the know about every algorithm change and whether it is something you need to put time into or not. 

You will learn analytics without any overwhelming numbers or vanity metrics. Just a sure way to know what your dream clients want to see from you so are not wasting time creating content they don't. 

Have a feed that attracts dream clients and is optimized from bio to the messaging in your captions and image curation.

Say goodbye to the mystery behind hashtags and just adding them without a strategy and know which ones will help you build your online community and get dream clients to find you.

Video made easy, learn how to use stories, lives and reels in a non-exhausting way and where quality over quantity will always be the motto. 

Ready to be IG & FB savvy in a way that doesn't lead to burn out?

Frequently Asked Questions


If you are a wedding pro or small business owner who wants to manage their own social media and online marketing without overwhelm and grow a dream business with amazing clients and buyers, Socially Savvy School is for you! But you need to be an action taker and do the work to get the results.


Depending on the plan you choose. You can choose 6 months or a year. You can login and re-visit any of the classes during that time. This is self-paced so you can learn on the time that is best for you. At the end of the 6 months or year you can renew. If you choose not to renew you will loose access at that time to all the class materials. While you are a Socially Savvy School student, you will get all updates that are made to any of the classes. This is the best part of SSS, I keep you in the know, because social media is always changing.


Don't worry if you can't make it live. You will be sent the replay. You can always drop a question ahead of time that I can cover on the live.


You can be in the beginning, middle or expert. Our businesses are always evolving and that means your social media and online marketing strategy should be too. Wedding photographers, wedding florist, cake bakers, travel agents, wedding planners, professional organizers, painters, gift designers, calligraphers, local boutiques, restaurant owners, interior designers are just a few of the Socially Savvy Students.


You are an influencer and vanity metrics are your sole purpose to growing on social media where your focus is followers, likes and views. You want over night going viral kind of notoriety. Social media is a long game, it takes consistency, having fun, and loving what you do to get that story told. For wedding pros and small business owners those vanity metrics don't matter. If you are not ready to take action and are always finding an excuse for not having the time, Socially Savvy School is not the right fit.


Class cost plus tax (tax varies based on your State's tax laws). Socially Savvy School is 100% write off and goes under the category for education. So after purchase send that right over to your accountant or book keeper. 

i'm jess and thrilled to be your teacher!

why me

I’m so excited to help you take action and get amazing results. For over a decade I managed 20 social media accounts for wedding pros and creatives. The past 10 years I’ve been a solopreneur while raising 3 little ones. I don’t have a team. It’s just me, myself and I and I’ve learned some secret game changing tricks along the way.

In 2020 I pivoted, I know the word of the year. Now I’m on a mission to teach wedding pros and creative small business owners how to manage social media for their business with zero overwhelm. It can be fun and no spending hours creating video is required to build the business of your dreams with your ideal clients.

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