The Social Vault Online Marketing Education

Hi there!

I am excited to share that the doors to The Social Vault are officially open! Two digital products are the first to join the The Social Vault crew.

The Ultimate Hashtag List for just $29 and the National Days Calendar with caption ideas for just $59 are ready for you! You can also bundle and save and get both for $69.

I am on a mission to help save you time and teach you how to attract dream clients with your online marketing in The Social Vault. This is just the beginning.

After managing the online marketing for 8+ years for 50+ creative and wedding business owners, I have so much knowledge to share with you!

The Ultimate Hashtag List has 600+ hashtags organized on a Trello board in groups of ten ready at your fingertips. It also includes a list of all the banned hashtags, so you can make sure not to use those.⁠ Promise me you will stop just copying and pasting the same hashtags over and over again? Please!

This is the perfect opportunity for you to sit down and create a solid hashtag strategy instead of copying and pasting and just hoping that the hashtags you are using are being used by your potential dream clients.

You will also find The National Days Calendar with caption ideas to bring back the fun to your social media. Yes, social media can be fun, I promise. Also, organized on a Trello board so you can easily see 365 days worth of celebrations.

Never miss an industry celebrated day. You can get super creative and because these days are often trending, you get the chance to get seen in top posts.

Both these digital products are not just for you business owners, perfect for your marketing coorindators or managers. Are you a social media manager for wedding and creative businesses? These are two things I wish I had when I was an SMM!

Go check it all out >>> The Social Vault

Thank you for all your love, support and celebrating this launch with me!

Stay tuned for the online courses that will be dropping soon.